OFFICE: ul. Żurawia 32/34, room 47

1st floor

00-515 Warsaw Center, Poland

entry next to Bobby Burger Restaurant, opposite to District Court

near to Novotel Hotel


Tel: 0048 504 318 417


Office staff no: 0048 794 1234 97


Amit Kumar Yadav

Mobile: 00 48 504 318 417

(number available on Whatsapp / Viber)


Skype: amityadav1









We provide business advice to people who are interested in running it in Poland or other European countries.

We will help you to register a company and establish your business. We can give you nice ideas of investitions and help you with all necessary formalities and market research. 

At the same time we provide consultancy for the European businessmen, who want to start their business in Asian countries such as India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Maldives. Knowledge of local language and mentality is often helpful in establishing business relations.

We are ready to discuss any idea, suggest interesting solutions and establish long-term cooperation.

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