OFFICE: ul. Żurawia 32/34, room 47

1st floor

00-515 Warsaw Center, Poland

entry next to Bobby Burger Restaurant, opposite to District Court

near to Novotel Hotel


Tel: 0048 504 318 417


Office staff no: 0048 794 1234 97


Amit Kumar Yadav

Mobile: 00 48 504 318 417

(number available on Whatsapp / Viber)


Skype: amityadav1









Are you a foreigner, who is living in Poland and you have to attend to official formalities?

Are you a foreigner and do you want to come to Poland?

Do you want to legalize your stay, labor or you need other legal assistance?

Official matters can be very complicated and can take a lot of time. Some procedural issues tend to be incomprehensible. From the submission of a complete and error-free documentation often depends favorable consideration of the case. Free yourself from the trouble and take advantage of our services!

Our services include the following range:

- an employer's statement of intention to employ worker made in the District Labour Office

- obtaining information about the impossibility to meet staffing needs (associated with obtaining a work permit)

- work permit

- legalization of stay: permanent residence, temporary residence, EU resident

- marriage – court and registry office

- obtaining Polish citizenship

- setting up a business: own business, limited liability company (, tax office, tax number NIP, REGON,  ZUS - Department of Social Security, office, accounting

- acts of civil status

- embassies, consulates, visa issues, apostille documents

- obtaining a driving license, car registration

- obtaining foreigner’s invitation to visit Poland

- other formalities at any office

We focus full attention on each client, we are analyzing the case carefully and we are providing all information about necessary documents and steps to take.

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