OFFICE: ul. Żurawia 32/34, room 47

1st floor

00-515 Warsaw Center, Poland

entry next to Bobby Burger Restaurant, opposite to District Court

near to Novotel Hotel


Tel: 0048 504 318 417


Office staff no: 0048 794 1234 97


Amit Kumar Yadav

Mobile: 00 48 504 318 417

(number available on Whatsapp / Viber)


Skype: amityadav1









Our company sells various kinds of products from SAARC countries (Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Maldives).

These are mostly products specific to local culture like spices, tea, oriental clothing and jewelry, interior design elements. We also sell European products to Asian markets.

If you are interested to find product in the above mentioned markets, write to us and we will find for you a trusted provider.

If you have a product, which you would like to sell in the Asian market, we will be happy to look for interested customers and to take care of the positive result of the transaction. Knowledge of the local mentality and language strongly influences the success in trade relations.

As an own product, we now offer washing nuts, which are an alternative to chemical detergents. Sapindus mukorosi come from India and Nepal, where for centuries are used as a natural laundry detergent and water purification.

Soap nuts can be widely used. Beside machine washing and hand washing can also be used for cleaning floors, cabinets and appliances, silver,as dishwasher detergent, as shampoo, as a cleanser of animals, as well as a bubble bath.

Washing nuts do not cause allergies, do not leave any odor or residue on materials. They are efficient and environmentally friendly. With the use of washing nuts material remains delicate, not destroyed and the colors remain intense long.

For more informaton, please visit "Soap Nuts" depratment in our website. 

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