OFFICE: ul. Żurawia 32/34, room 47

1st floor

00-515 Warsaw Center, Poland

entry next to Bobby Burger Restaurant, opposite to District Court

near to Novotel Hotel


Tel: 0048 504 318 417


Office staff no: 0048 794 1234 97


Amit Kumar Yadav

Mobile: 00 48 504 318 417

(number available on Whatsapp / Viber)


Skype: amityadav1









The company was founded in 2014, but our experience goes back to 2009, when we launched the business in the form of a pvt. ltd. company.

AKY Idea Maker in its activities is based on the Polish-Asian relations (mainly Nepal-Poland and India-Poland relations) and services related to complex service for foreigners.
In addition to business since 2006 we engage in a variety of cultural events, which aim is to promote Nepal in Poland. We organized many Bollywood parties, shows and celebrations of the most important Hindu festivals.
The field of our activities is described in details in Activities department.


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