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Washing powder, liquid for floors, furniture fluid, cleaning lotion, shampoo and many other detergents. All this fills our cabinets, wasting not only a place, but money in the household budget. What if all of these detergents could be replaced by one, same time saving money and doing something good for the world?
Soap nut of Sapindus Mukorossi is a great alternative to chemicals used in our homes. More and more of us are choosing to use the old but effective methods to preserve the purity, which are environmentally friendly at the same time.
Sapindus Mukorossi, also known as Reetha (Hindi), grows in India and Nepal on high, ten meters long trees that bear fruit every year for 90 years. For centuries, these nuts are used there as a detergent. Nut shells contain saponin, which is a natural soap. It has a purifying, degreasing, bactericidal and fungicidal properties and is completely biodegradable. Before the nuts are suitable for sale they are broken, deprived of the center and then dried until a dark color. Soap nuts have a fairly strong smell, but after contact with water it undergoes neutralization and the laundry is completely odorless. Soap nuts becomes used, when saponin is washed out of them. This fact is revealed by fading shells, which become opaque, sticky and soft. Soap nut's shells can be discarded after use for compost. Water left after washing can be used eg. for watering flowers in the house or garden.
The use of soap nuts is very economical. Nuts can be used several times, because in case of washing in temperature till 60 degrees saponins does not disappear too fast, so the nuts do not lose their properties. They can be used in the full temperature range (30 - 90 degrees). For one wash 5-6 pieces of nut shells is needed and one portion can be used of the average of 3 times. This means that with 2-3 washes per week, kilogram of nuts is sufficient for one year of using. Washing in soap nuts allows also to save rinsing fluid, because things are already soft enough and pleasant to the touch. Nuts do not leave a smell, but few drops of essential oil can be added to the laundry.
Soap nuts canbe used as:
• detergent for washing in the washing machine
• detergent for hand washing
• natural cleaner for universal use
• cleaner in dishwashers
• shampoo for hair and body wash (fights with dandruff)
• bath fluid
• jewelry cleaner
• animal care cleaner
• liquid for cleaning windows, floors, furniture
• car cleaner
• cleaner for vegetables and fruits
• natural pesticides (destroys insects and aphids).
Sapindus Mukorossi soap nuts are on the list of Ayurvedic herbs and minerals. They are used to treat eczema, psoriasis and freckles. Nuts have gentle insecticidal activity and are traditionally used to treat head lice.
Soap nuts are non-allergenic, which makes them particularly good for the skin of infants and children, people with diseases (eg. psoriasis, atopic dermatitis). They are a good solution for people with sensitive skin, because it does not cause irritation. Free from chemicals are great for washing children's clothes.
Regular washing of the skin by soap nuts can also prevent many skin diseases. Chemicals and synthetic detergents are absorbed through the skin and entered to the bloodstream, which can cause allergies. Soap nuts are 100% natural, so there is no risk and body stays protected. 
Decoction of nut husks also has a very positive effect on joint pain. Saponins have anti-stress properties and they are widely used in Ayurveda methods in dozens of herbal mixtures for the protection and purification of human internal organs.
A summary of the benefits of soap nuts:
- environmentally friendly
- economical
- versatility
- do not destroy fabrics and colors
- non-allergenic and odorless
Our nuts have very good quality and contain a large amount of saponin. They come from a local, family crops, where chemicals are not used.

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