OFFICE: ul. Żurawia 32/34, room 47

1st floor

00-515 Warsaw Center, Poland

entry next to Bobby Burger Restaurant, opposite to District Court

near to Novotel Hotel


Tel: 0048 504 318 417


Office staff no: 0048 794 1234 97


Amit Kumar Yadav

Mobile: 00 48 504 318 417

(number available on Whatsapp / Viber)


Skype: amityadav1









AKY Idea Maker is cooperating with few Universities at the moment. Full list you can find in "Universities" website department.
In the nearest future we will expand our offer and recruit Students for new universities and programs, including medical and nursing studies. Information will be added and changed regularly. Visit our website to stay updated. 
To get details about available courses download the file from DOWNLOADS section.

Please keep in mind, that some of the course may not be available during the recruitment time (intake), which interests you. To run the course it is necessary to collect minimum number of students in group, which is announced by University for each course. University reserves the right to not start the course in case of small group of interested students. All prices does not include AKY Idea Maker service charges.

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