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Example of the use of soap nuts:

In washing machine
Take 5-6 nuts shells. Put it into a cotton bag or thin cotton sock, tie it well and throw it into the drum together with laundry. In washing in tempeature not higher than 60°C nuts can be re-used - approx. 3 times. It is recommended to add the bleach plant, soda or citric acid for tough stain and to the white laundry to prevent graying. Laundry becomes pleasantly soft, even without softener and smells purely neutral. To impart odor can add a few drops of essential oil to the partition of washing machine allocated to rinse.
Hand wash
3-4 crushed shells hold approx. 15 minutes in hot water. Add cold water to get appropriate temperature and wash same way like while using typical hand wash detergent.
In dishwasher
Crush 5 soap nuts in half and add to the cutlery compartment, wash in a normal program.
Universal extract, liquid soap
To prepare the extract, boil a handful (8-10 shells) for about 20 minutes at ¾ liter of water. The concentration can be changed depending on the need. This fluid should be strained (for example through a cotton handkerchief) into spray bottle. This way we got liquid cleaner, which is suitable for all kinds of household work in kitchen, bathroom, toilet, for washing windows and cars. If needed, add a pinch of citric acid optionally. Fluid can be used immediately or allowed to stay overnight. The clue to extend the life of the liquid is to add 500 ml of extract about 25 drops of essential oil of tea tree, which is disinfectant, bactericidal and gives fresh scent. Keep about 10 days, preferably in a refrigerator.
Shampoo and body wash
Extract prepared as above can also be used to wash hair. It gives your hair a silky shine, softness and fights dandruff. After washing your hair are easy to comb, become stronger and less oily. Avoid contact with eyes. The extract, which is to be used for washing the body can be combined with ayurvedic herbs. To achieve thicker consistency of extract we can add a little flour or organic gelatin.
Bath liquid
Pour from 25 to 50 ml of the extract, and the water will become very soft, giving the whole body a feeling of relief and relaxation. Gives relief and softness to tired feet.  You can add a few drops of favorite essential oil.
Animal care cleaner
Extract from the soap nuts is a very effective and inexpensive cleaner for pets. Due to the insecticidal properties, liquid is giving relief to the animal, while not irritating the skin.
By spraying the plants with soap nuts extract we can get rid of pests and parasites, for example aphids on roses and other flowers or vegetables. In this way we are not forced to use chemical pesticides in crop protection. For this purpose we can also use water, which left from washing and cleaning.
Jewelery cleaning
By shells of soap nuts silver and gold jewelry can be cleaned. 2-3 shell soak in 100-150 ml of hot water. Then rub the soaked shells in hands to create lightweight foam. Impose foam on jewelry and rub by cloth made from microfiber till it will be clean. Cleaning jewelry can also be strengthened by using a toothbrush soaked in the extract. After cleaning rinse the jewelry.
Cleaning and decontamination of food
Soak fruits and vegetables for about 10 minutes in the soapnuts liquid. Rinse them and enjoy your food free from harmful chemicals and accretions. Extract which left after food cleaning can be re-used for cleaning the house.

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